Western Placer Waste Management Authority

Motor Oil

Used Oil and Oil Filter Recycling

Used oil is a toxic substance that can be environmentally hazardous if not disposed of properly. One gallon of oil -- the amount of a typical oil change -- can contaminate one million gallons of drinking water. The WPWMA and State of California provide numerous collection centers for safe disposal of your used oil and used oil filters.

For locations of state-certified drop-off sites in your area, click on the city nearest to you listed on the right or call 1-800-CLEANUP. You can also visit www.cleanup.org for other locations statewide. Be sure to call the drop-off site in advance to verify the hours of operation and any limitations.

Click on the location below closest to you for a list of state-certified drop-off sites.

Placer County

Please Always Remember To:
  • Transport oil in containers with a tightly-sealed lid.
  • Place used oil filters in a resealable bag or other leak-proof container.
  • Take in no more than 5 gallons of used oil at one time.
  • Always wait for an attendant to accept your used oil.

Please DO NOT:

  • Dispose of the oil filter with your regular garbage.
  • Do not mix oil with other fluids such as water, gasoline, or antifreeze.

Click here for more used oil recycling centers.

Closing the Loop -- Re-Refined Oil Saves Resources

You've made the effort to recycle your used oil and keep the environment clean. But what happens to that oil after you drop it off at a collection center? Of the nearly 750 million gallons of used oil collected each year, 43 percent goes to asphalt plants, 12 percent generates electricity, and 14 percent is re-refined to virgin conditions. The remainder is used for fuel or in other industries such as steel and paper mills. Re-refined oil is mostly purchased in bulk and used by fleet vehicles...so if you operate a fleet, please request a bid for re-refined oil from your jobber.