Western Placer Waste Management Authority

Disposal Fees

Description Pricing
General Refuse $69.00/ton

Greenwaste* $36.50/ton

Wood Waste** $26.00/ton

Inert Materials*** $16.00/ton

Construction and Demolition Waste $47.00/ton
Refrigerated Appliances (Includes air conditioners, water coolers, refrigerators, & freezers) $30.00/each

Other Appliances (Includes microwaves, water heaters, stoves, washers & dryers ) $5.00/each
Electronic Waste
Electronic Waste such as computers, monitors, televisions, video and stereo record and play equipment, telephones, answering devices, and calculators are accepted any day of the week from Placer County residents FREE of charge; please note that fees apply for businesses.
Car and Light Truck Tires $3.00/each

Semi Trailer Truck Tires $17.50/each

Tractor Tires $70.00/each

Euclid Tires $175/ton

Commercial Tire Hauler $175/ton

* Applies to separated loads of greenwaste, including: grass clippings, leaves and brush and tree limbs 1 inch in diameter or less. Bamboo, palm, and cattails are considered MSW and will be charged at that rate.

** Applies to separated loads of wood, including: lumber, plywood, particle board, and tree trunks and limbs less than 24 inches in length and greater than one inch in diameter. Loads can contain no more than 1% of contaminants. Contaminants include treated or painted wood. Treated wood waste will be charged at the C&D rate. Includes railroad ties, phone poles and painted wood. Treated wood is defines as wood that has been treated with a chemical preservative for purposes of protecting the wood against attacks from insects, microorganisms, fungi and other environmental conditions.

 *** Applies to separated loads of uncontaminated dirt, rock, asphalt and concrete if free from re-bar or mesh and broken into pieces less than
2' x 2' x 4".