Western Placer Waste Management Authority

Materials Recovery Facility

The MRF (pronounced "murf") is a key element of the WPWMA program to help Placer County communities meet California's mandated recycling goals. To continue meeting the goals, the MRF was expanded in 2007. This expansion more than doubled its processing capacity to over 2,000 tons of garbage per day and increase the amount of recyclable materials recovered from the waste stream by about 20%.

The MRF receives and sorts through both municipal and commercial waste to recover recyclable materials, including:

  • Wood/greenwaste processed for compost & woodchips
  • Metal - ferrous/metallic items
  • Plastic - many grades
  • Glass - all colors
  • Paper - newspaper, junk mail, phonebooks, magazines, scrap paper, paperboard and cardboard

Materials that cannot be recycled are taken to the landfill. Currently, the MRF diverts approximately 50% of the material received from going to the landfill, helping Placer County comply with a state-mandated recycling rate.

Many services are provided at the MRF, including: